How to Clean Your Piccolo Instrument after Playing

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The moment you blow into the mouthpiece of your piccolo, notes of divinity flow all around. That’s the power of music. However, the thing with musical instruments is – you have to maintain them regularly and keep them clean to ensure that they exude magic every time you play them.

How to keep your piccolo clean?

As with any musical instrument, when you look after your piccolo with proper care, your gear will perform better and better. So, the bottom line is – the right care and maintenance keep your instrument get going year after year. Here is how you can provide daily care to your wind instrument –

• You should clean your piccolo every time you play it. Otherwise, moisture will build-up inside the barrel, making your flute smell bad. Plus, it will also make your gear tarnish.

• Disassemble your piccolo gently from the by unscrewing the body head and foot joints. Make sure not to touch the keypads because those are delicate and prone to damage.

• Now take the cleaning rod, wrap it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, and insert it inside the flute. Make sure to clean each section in the same way and twist the rod for better cleaning.

• Clean the body of the flute by holding the barrel and not the keypads.

• For the hand-to-reach clean areas, you can use an ear bud.

• One of the most important things – your flute should snugly fit inside its case, or else, it will move inside the case and more likely to get damaged.

piccolo insurance

Dusting, casing, and what more?

Cleaning and casing your piccolo properly will add to its life and performance. And, the right Piccolo Insurance provides you with the peace of mind.
According to some musicians, piccolo insurance might be exorbitant and unnecessary. The reason – they already have the homeowner’s insurance plan that includes their instrument. However, that cover might not be sufficient.
A standalone Music Instruments Insurance is crucial for protecting your gear from the uncertainties and you from the possible financial losses. Let’s explore why –
Future and uncertainties always go hand-in-hand…
What if your instrument gets damaged in transit when you are on a music tour?
What if an electrical short-circuits set your house or studio on fire?
Even worse,
What if your piccolo gets stolen when you kept it unattended and went to answer the call of nature?

The right coverage comes with the right plan

The right musical instrument insurance is, therefore, the safest bet for you and your beloved piccolo. Yes, it’s natural that your attachment with your musical instrument was eternal, and no amount of compensation can cover the void. An insurance policy can at least fill the financial void. And, trust us, it can be a great help.
So, once you are done deciding that you need standalone insurance coverage, now it’s the time to choose a plan as well as an insurance service provider.

How well do you know your policy?

Make sure you have the answers to the questions given below –

  • What does your plan cover?
  • How much is the sum insured?
  • What are the inclusions and exclusions?
  • How much premium do you need to pay?
  • Which payment mode they prefer?
  • Is there any cancellation charge or no claim bonus?

With a customer-focused insurance service provider, you are likely to get protection against damage, breakage, theft, fire, and catastrophic natural disasters like flood, thunderstorm, rain, etc. So, confirm these things beforehand, or else, you might end up buying a wrong insurance plan.

Is your musical instrument insurance plan affordable?

If you are a professional musician and music earns you your bread and butter, you need to take care of your instrument even more and in a better way. As Music Instruments Insurance is a long-term obligation, you certainly need to think about the affordability factor. If or not you’ll be able to afford a given policy will help you find the right one for you without having you to break your bank. Insurance plans are to protect, not for burdening your finances. So, choose wisely, play well, and earn well.

Does your insurer allow you to customize your plan?

Although you are a musician, you aren’t a professional, want to protect your insurance against the unforeseen. No matter if you are a professional musician, a hobbyist, an amateur piccolo player, with a trustworthy insurance service provider, you get the liberty to customize your plan according to your needs.
This way, you can do both – protect your instrument and save your wallet from paying for something you don’t need. So, having your piccolo covered under an insurance plan is nothing less than a sigh of great relief.
So, the crux of everything is a Piccolo Insurance is as important as keeping your gear neat and clean.

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