When Should I Hire an Employment Law Attorney?

employment law attorney in Columbus

As employment law attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, law firm colleagues and I know better than anyone that people would prefer not to deal with lawyers. We hear all the time from clients, friends and even family members that life is simpler (and less expensive) when lawyers are not involved.

Which is kind of the point?

You need to hire an employment law attorney in Columbus or elsewhere when your job or job search gets complicated, harmful and financially precarious.

When harassment and bullying occurs at work, you can benefit from seeking legal advice and representation. When a hiring manager passes you over because of the color of your skin or your age, you can benefit from speaking with and retaining an employment lawyer. And when it comes time to negotiate a contract or severance package, you will absolutely want an employment lawyer in your corner to stand up to the corporate lawyers who are representing your employer.

Different law firms focus on specific types of cases and services. Our firm most often helps individual employees who experience problems with

  • Age Discrimination,
  • Discrimination prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
  • Sex and gender discrimination,
  • Pregnancy discrimination,
  • Race discrimination,
  • Harassment and bullying,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Requesting and using unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA),
  • Retaliation,
  • Defamation, and
  • Wrongful termination.

We also take individual, collective and class action cases involving unpaid wages and overtime. This kind of litigation can get particularly contentious, and we make sure our clients can rely on us to force employers to produce timesheets and accounting records that employees would find it almost impossible to secure if they were acting on their own.

Another important service our firm provides involves representing individuals and unions during contract negotiations. Highly skilled employees and executives can have their careers derailed by noncompete clauses, and holding an employer to its obligations regarding settlements for unused leave and the continuation of health insurance coverage can often only be done in court.

For unions, we fight to ensure compliance with Ohio’s strong prevailing wage requirements and to guarantee that union work goes to union members. Collective bargaining provides invaluable protection to workers, but there are many ways for employers to gain unfair advantages when experienced and knowledgeable union-side lawyers are kept out of discussions.

Still, all these details regarding why to hire an employment attorney do not directly answer the question of when, exactly, to pick up the phone or send an email requesting a consultation. Quite simply, the time to speak with a lawyer is as soon as a legal question arises.

If you think you are experiencing discrimination, seek legal advice. If you believe you lost your job because you filed a workers’ compensation claim and reported a possible safety violation, call a lawyer. If you never received your final paycheck, ask a lawyer what your rights are.

Employees always have rights when dealing with employers. Hiring an employment law attorney allows employees to exercise their rights and hold employers accountable for illegal violations of wage, overtime, discrimination, retaliation, and contracting laws.

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