Things to Consider Before Starting A New DIY Project

DIY project

Many of us like to do what we can to look after our homes and enjoy the occasional DIY project, small or big. There are a few things that you should consider before starting any new project though.

Have you got any new DIY projects that you want to do soon? Read on to find out more about the things you should think about before getting stuck into it…

Can you do it yourself?

Before you start a new DIY project, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether this is a suitable DIY project for you. Can you really do it yourself? There’s no shame in saying that you can’t do something – we can’t all do everything. It might be unsafe to undertake some home improvement projects on your own unless you’re trained in the field and some things can even invalidate your home insurance. If you’re not sure, then read up on the subject and find out if it’s something you can learn to do or something that’s better left to the professionals.

Also consider whether you would like to do it yourself or if the job is likely to cause you a lot of stress or simply be boring for you. Improving your home should be fun – most of the time at least.

Get Some Inspiration

When you know that you want to change something in your home, there are often many ways to do it and different styles to choose from so do spend some time getting inspiration and researching the different options so that you get a good feel for what kind of styles and options that you like the best.

Discuss this with your partner if applicable and talk about the different options, pros and cons. It’s always good to get someone else’s opinion too as they might be able to point out things or options that you haven’t even thought about – and potential issues too!

You should naturally discuss DIY projects with the people you share a home with but it’s also great if you have the opportunity to discuss your intentions and ideas with a professional in the field. Ask around to see if anyone knows anyone and ask away (if they don’t mind).

Look at The Timescale& Make a Plan

Once you’ve decided that a project is suitable for your skills and have the inspiration that you want, you need to think about the timescale of the job – especially if it’s a bigger project.

How long a project will take when you’re doing it yourself around your usual work and family commitments is also an important factor that should be considered before starting a DIY project. Things usually take longer than you expect so be generous when you estimate how long things will take, especially if you’re doing something you’ve not done before and need to learn a new skill. This could be tiling or floor laying, for example, that can be learned from things like YouTube videos, but you will be a bit slower at the start as you’re learning the new skill.

Make a project plan that covers all aspects like research, learning, finding and buying supplies, delivery times, the actual time for the work and add some extra time to account for any delays or issues. This will let you estimate a timescale for the project, and you’ll be able to work out when you need to start and how many hours you need to do each day to finish by the date that you’d like your project to be done. If you’re laying a new patio in the garden, you probably want it to be finished by the start of summer and so on.

Work out The Cost

An important aspect for most DIYers is the cost. After all, saving money is the reason most of us like to these kinds of jobs ourselves. Making a detailed plan in the step above will help you work out the materials you’ll need for all parts of the project and this too will help you work out the total cost.

Factor in things like having to take time off work if that’s necessary for your project. Go through each task and work out every material you’ll need and add it all up. You might be able to get discounts if you can order many items from the same supplier or shop so do check out your options before buying.


DIY is a fun and affordable way to improve your home. There are many ways that you can make your home better with DIY projects big or small, but you should consider the details of the project before you get started to avoid disappointment. Some projects are better left for the professionals and the rest should be carefully planned to make sure they don’t take too long or come with unexpected costs.

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