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Image recognition technology

Image recognition technology is employed by a computer in order to recognize and analyze an image given as an input. Specific software tools analyze images using the properties of each individual pixel, and then return results and relevant information regarding the contents of the image. These tools are the building blocks of artificial intelligence which, after processing thousands of images can then autonomously identify an image. Here are some of the best image recognition tools available.

Google Reverse Image Search

Google released the image search feature in 2014. This image recognition and the search engine keep up with the high standards set by Google. Giving a search is fairly intuitive. All you need to do is to upload an image or drag it onto the given dialog box and Google does the rest. It brings up related web pages and similar images.
It can be used to find the exact source of a certain image or to verify that the image owned by you has not been plagiarised. This tool is perhaps the most naturally used tool.

Google API Cloud Vision

This is another tool from Google that carries out image recognition. However, this tool is not limited to searching or the image on the internet. It can analyze the image to great extents. The AI model can actually understand what the image is about. If the picture is of a smiling boy, it can identify the emotion conveyed by the picture and bring up relevant results, and this is barely scratching the surface.
It is used for product searches and quality inspections. It can also be used to train your own image recognition and analysis model. This is the most powerful image recognition and processing available.


This tool is made for recognizing images, but not for searching for it on the internet. It is essentially meant for increasing convenience and saving time. It automatically recognizes analyses and categorizes images. It also can come up with captions and small text about the image. It has been described by the creators as ‘effortless’. It features perhaps the most intuitive and simple user interface there is.
Its simplistic user experience doesn’t sacrifice functionality at any level. It can be used by social media marketers to make their job a lot less time-consuming. It can also be used to search and identify the important sections of video content. It is one of the best image recognition tools in the market.

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition is perhaps just as powerful as Google Vision. It has enormous potential. Given an image, it can analyze it to understand the meaning of the image. It can identify activities in the picture such as a gym, a workshop, etc. It can identify celebrities in images through facial recognition. It can read the text such as addresses, signposts, etc. from an image.

The tool is not limited to images. It can analyze videos as well. It can be used to analyze the playing strategies in sports for post-game analysis. It can also identify inappropriate content in media files. The best part is that you pay only for the data you use. This means that Rekognition is an affordable option as well.


This tool is similar to the Google image search engine. It accepts an image and then identifies it. It then comes up with ‘tags’ to describe the image in words. Then it searches the internet for other images that are relevant to the given image. However, this tool is limited to image searches; it will not find articles related to the image.
This tool is used for streamlined generation of content. It makes finding the perfect image extremely convenient.


LogoGrab has been developed for tech companies, startups, online marketers, and other establishments trying to adapt to the digital age. It is essentially an image recognition and search tool. However, it can be specifically used for recognizing, and searching for officially used logos of brands. This allows effective marketing as customers can search for products of a company based on their logos. This improves customer engagement.
Another useful application of LogoGrab is that it can be used to identify the misuse of logos on the internet. LogoGrab is a niche product and can prove to be very useful to businesses.

IBM Image Detection

IBM Image detection tool is right among those at the top. It recognizes uploaded images and returns results for the image over the internet. It can recognize the trademark components of an image. For example, it can identify the brands from their logos which might be in an image.
An important feature of the IBM Image detection tool is that is highly customizable. Suppose you want only a specific type of results from images, then you may customize the filters accordingly. It is definitely a top-notch tool out there.


This tool has been released in the form of a mobile application. It is essentially built for shopping. It recognizes images that you upload. It also can analyze images directly through the camera. It analyses the image and comes with a list of objects from that image that is available for sale online or offline.
It also comes up with a list of similar products and links to online stores. The application is perfect for shopaholics and other casual uses.

Flow by Amazon

Another image recognition tool by Amazon, this one aimed at shopping. It can analyze an image for products on sale. It can analyze millions of objects and provide market links for them. It can also recognize packaging boxes of the products, instead of the actual products.
It can also analyze images of business cards. It can create contacts; add addresses and link information based on these images. This image recognition tool is quite powerful.


This image recognition tool comes under the genre of Lifestyle. It is in the form of a mobile application. It analyses the images taken from the phone’s camera for food items. It then calculates the food value, calories and other information about the food item.
This tool can also identify the individual ingredients of cooked preparations. This is a great app for health-conscious people and those who wish to watch their diet.


Image recognition tools are applied for purposes most people don’t give a second thought to. It is used in barcode and QR code scanning. It is also used in image-based searches. It is also used in pathfinding, augmented reality and nearly every modern artificial intelligence development and application process. Image recognition is a vital building block of nearly every futuristic computer-human interaction and will see huge advancements in the future.

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