Secret of cracking the IAS Exam in First Attempt


For an exam which can give an envied profession, the preparation must be up to the mark. Less than 100% dedication, won’t make you reach your goal. You need not be a genius or a bookworm to clear the exam for IAS, but you a zeal and prepare it strategically. The exam isn’t something out of the world but, yes it’s not a child’s play too.

Here are few tips that will help you in cracking the IAS Exam in First Attempt.

  1. ABC of IAS Preparation

Before you get started with your preparation for IAS exam, gather all the information about it such as

  • Eligibility criteria for the exam – You must be a Graduate from a recognised University. The age of the applicant must be in between 21-32 for students who are from General category. The Upper age limit varies with different categories.
  • Latest Syllabus (This may get updated and vary from past years, sometimes)
  • Pattern and format of the exam – Collect previous year question papers and check them. This will help you to understand the examination in a better way.
  • Important dates – Check the UPSC calendar and mark the dates such as starting & end dates of form submission, dates for Prelims, Mains and interview etc.) And make a suitable preparation plan according to your convenience. Knowing the dates will help you in aligning with your preparation whether you do it yourself or join any IAS Academy in Delhi
  • Update Yourself With The Competition

Know that this is a highly competitive exam. There are lacs of IAS aspirants appear for this test every year and the number keeps increasing. So, it’s better to evaluate yourself and make a realistic plan. If you are feeling stuck get in touch with a good IAS Academy, they will be help you out to know your current knowledge level, weaknesses and strengths that are required to clear exam. Based on this evaluation you can decide, whether you want to do self-study or need to join coaching for your preparation.


  • Select the Optional subject

Selecting Optional subject is an important part of the preparation. You can select the Optional subject on your personal choice and convenience. Make sure that you choose the subject that you can do well with ease and comfort.

  • It’s time to begin with your preparation

Beginners have most of the doubts regarding the study materials and study plans. Here we suggest you start slowly and steadily. If you have chosen to self-study, start gathering with all the relevant text books, online study material, previous years papers etc. Whereas, if you have decided to join IAS Academy in Delhi find out the one which suits your needs best. For UPSC Coaching in Delhi fees structure ranges from 10,0,000 to 2,0,0,000 depending upon institutes and their reputation. In order to find the good Academy in your city , you can take the following measures

  • Get in touch with the students who already studied there:You can get the best feedback about the institute through its students, as they have had the first-hand experience with the institute.
  • Look into the past achievements of the institute: Look into the success record of the institute. Find out if any of the students who studied there have successfully cleared the exam.
  • Talk to the faculty: Get in touch with the faculty of the institute. After all, you are going to get the help for preparing for the IAS exam from the faculty at the coaching institute. Once you talk to them, you will get a fair idea of how good they have a hold over their subjects. There are many institutes, where they hire low paid faculty who aren’t good at their job.
  • Ask for a demo class:Most of the reputed institutes allow you to take demo classes. It will help you in understanding the methodology followed by the teachers. This will also help you in interacting with the existing students and get their feedback.

Bottom Line

Cracking the IAS exam with self-study isn’t impossible, but need to be dedicated and 100% focused on goal.

On the other hand Coaching centres play important role. While you study along with several other aspirants in a group, you can evaluate your progress time to time and plan your studies accordingly. Moreover, you can also stay updated with the latest information about their course and exams. Besides, IAS Academy in Delhi also help you with your queries even after finishing the course. So, in all, UPSC Coaching fees that you spend, gets you full value for money.

If you are looking for IAS Academy in New Delhi, where you can get quality education; you may consider any of these institutes

  • SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre
  • Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching
  • Plutus IAS Coaching
  • Analog IAS Coaching
  • ALS IAS Shalimar Place
  • Next IAS Institute
  • Khan Study Circle
  • Drishti IAS Coaching

Make a wise decision for your own great future as IAS officer.

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